In the fast-paced technologically advanced world that we live in today, it is our primary duty to ensure that GRM keeps an eye on the effects of its production processes on society and the environment. With this end in mind, GRM has launched several initiatives with an enhanced emphasis on people in the rural parts of India, especially the farmers. 

With a dedicated CSR committee responsible for the identification of deserving projects, we have resolved to do our utmost towards uplifting the physical and societal environment we operate in. Our activities included, and are not limited to maintaining the ecological balance, promoting animal welfare, enabling availability of potable drinking water, assisting the differently-abled, empowering women, promoting rural arts & sports and many other such efforts to make the world a better place.

We also constantly evaluate certain proposals with a more urbane outlook, such as blood donation schemes, maintenance of green areas in the city, sponsorship schemes for employees that perform exceptionally, adoption of processes like rainwater harvesting that contribute positively to the environment, providing funds or employee efforts in aid for people with special needs, and creating computer awareness among the underprivileged.