Hyderabadi Biryani Kit | One Pot Moradabadi Biryani Kit

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Biryani is not just a rice-dish, it’s a heritage. It’s one of India’s most loved and ordered dish. But the problem lies when we have to cook it; as it requires sourcing exotic ingredients and elaborate cooking. To make things easier for you without letting even an iota of taste to slip away we have designed exclusive Ready-to-cook 10X Biryani Kit. With its own unique character and finesse of spices and no artificial colors or preservatives, this recipe has been curated to give you an Authentic Biryani experience

Our biryani kit contains quality basmati rice, an authentic biryani masala paste made with secret ingredients and aromatic whole spices, all ready to be cooked with convenience to perfection. Crafted by our culinary experts, our biryani kit has all the essentials you will need to create an authentic, aromatic biryani in just 30 minutes in your kitchen with 3 easy steps. You do the cooking; we help you with the convenience of preparation.