At the helm of any successful organization, it is imperative to have a leader with vision, belief, and the courage to swim against the tide. In our Chairman-MD, Mr. Atul Garg, we found just such a trendsetter. A bundle of energy and filled to the brim with innovative ideas and motivational thoughts, he has led from the front. He has fully capitalised on the platform set by our founder Mr. Hukam Chand Garg and has made GRM one of the leaders in the rice export industry and is determined to soon conquer the consumer staple segment.

Representing a fresh and new thought process, our master strategist Mr. Atul Garg, is adept at tapping potential markets and visualizing innovations that would create instant customer delight. To ensure transparency between the management and the team, we have adopted a flat hierarchical structure. We are also supported by a talent bank of professionals, from varying walks of life, that are highly skilled and passionate about delivering excellence. Managing a diverse team and inspiring them to consistently aim for higher goals is no mean task, but with our desire to attract and retain the best in the business, we have kept team morale high by investing heavily in a vibrant working environment and intensive training processes. Our people take great pride in our adherence to ethics, corporate culture, and commitment to excellence.

Board Member & Directors
Sr. No.NameDesignation
1.Mr. Hukam Chand GargNon Executive Director
2.Mr. Atul GargChairman Cum Managing Director
3.Mrs. Mamta GargExecutive-Non Independent Director
4.Mr. Nipun JainNon Executive -Non Independent Director
5.Mr. Gautam GuptaIndependent Director
6.Mr. Raj Kumar GargIndependent Director
7.Mrs. NidhiIndependent Director